The special ambiente

Luxurious villas out of different centuries

For an adequate stay


For you, your family and business associates we reserve special premises, which meet all your requirements. In case you travel with your family and entourage, we gladly recommend to induce us to book a luxurious and comfortable furnished villa, which reflects the western architecture. You can enjoy the seclusion of an entire house of your choice, but at the same time do not have to renounce the benefits of an excellent service. Of course you can rely on us to provide you with highly trained staff, which is pleased to cater for your every need to ensure your well-being and comfort.

Historic villas with full comfort

The mensions from which you can select might be dating back to the last century, but are completely refurbished and modernised. This allows us to offer you all conveniences and comfort in combination with the flair of a historic building. Simply tell us how many people you are planning to travel with and to what aspects you furthermore attach great value – and we assort various villas in the region and size you ask for.

Make yourself comfortable and feel at home, in a surrounding suiting your personal preferences, where you can move freely and secure. Of course you may as well use your premises for business, providing for your meetings an indivual, special setting. Please let us know what your requirements are so we can offer you a perfect villa to match your expectations. The villas which are available leave nothing to be desired. But do not just take our word for it – convince yourself according to our suggestions or directly on-site.

Our exclusive villas guarantee

  1. seclusion
  2. discretion
  3. independency
  4. complete service-package
  5. maximum flexibility
  6. safety measures conforming your requirements