qualified, polite & discrete

Chauffeur Service

transportation befitting your social status

Our staff will not only transport you reliable and safe to your destination, but also accompany und serve you. You have the opportunity to book a chauffeur with or without a car and can always be sure that you have an excellent driver and travel accompaniment by your side. We ensure absolut professionality and discretion.

If neccessary our chauffeur organizes personal protection services and vip-treatment. Proper manners suiting the requirements of our Arab guests are guaranteed, to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure.

White and Black Limos

perfect service is the measure of all things

We attach a great value on a good knowledge of languages, driving skills and perfect manners. Based on this we choose and instruct our drivers. We are aware and appreciate that our internatonial guests only accept high quality service, which we are proud of and able to provide. Our chauffeur service is constantly available for you, wheter you want to attend business or private meetings as well as picking up your business partners.

You have the choice if you want to make use of the chauffeur service for the entire stay or only selective. In case you have specific expectations or wishes, please let us know. It would be our pleasure to ultimately satisfy your needs with our services.

Chauffeur Service combined with various vehicles

Our drivers will ensure a comfortable shuttle no matter which trip, time frame or vehicle, without having to abstain from our professional services. We will discuss the date and route based upon your wishes and organise an optimal vehicle und preferred chauffeur. Our chauffeur service is available in Germany as well as Europe-wide, so do not make the mistake of restricting yourself.
This gives our guests the option to attend business meetings in neighbour countries as well as enjoying trips to other European countries or extended tours over several days. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit back, sipping a cold drink and to be able to indulge yourself in conversations. Our chauffeur service guarantees you a pleasant journey to your destination – completely independent of how far the distance.

  • SIS Group GmbH

    Our professional and well trained chauffers ensure:

    • reliable & safe journey

    • discretion & seriousness

    • constant availability

    • generous premises

    • protection services and safety measures

    • all-inclusive vip-treatment