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our V.I.P shuttle service

for a transportation befitting your social status

Our professional shuttle service does not only include fast, secure and discrete trips with luxurious vehicles and exlusive furnishing, but also collection at the airport ramp as well as taking care of all formalities.In accordance with all involved persons we provide a quality VIP treatment, so that you can fully rely on our professional staff and trouble-free,smooth operations.

Our services are available for single persons as well as travel groups, families or businesses. Simply inform us about dimension, dates and expectations for your travel. We organise the appropiate vehicles, secure transport of your luggage and take care of your entourage.

Germany compact executive car


With our professional Shuttle Service you reach your destination quickly and reliable – whether your destination may be in Germany or Europe. Our highly qualified staff is available from the moment of arrival and if required until you re-board the plane. We organize the First Class check-in, pick up service from the airport ramp and handling the formalities. If you wish personal protection or other security measures, contact us in advance and let us know, we will take care of it. Our service is based on reliability, discretion and professionality, you can completely count on us for all cruises with our shuttle service.

Important appointments – we drive you there

Of course you can book the shuttle service as needed, we are available for all of your trips. Whether you are attending business meetings, enjoy your vacation or take advantage of german medical facilities – we drive you safely to your chosen destination. You are planning to welcome guests or arrive with a delegation? We are able to meet your indivual requirements.

With our exclusive vehicle fleet we can ensure that both you and your guests comfortably reach your destination. We organize your complete trips, provide an exclusive VIP treatment and if necessary take care of security measures. If you prefer convoy trips, because you expect a large number of guests, we will of course make this possible. With translators and service staff, we make sure that you and your guests have no difficulty communicating and can enjoy all services as desired.

Take advantage of our professional shuttle service:
. for the ride from the airport to your travel destination and back
. for completion of all formalities at the airport
. for handling your luggage
. for all trips that occur during your stay in Germany
. to attend trade fairs and events
. for your trips or tours