Comfort in every matter and detail

Renowned hotels of the top-class

For a stay befitting your social status

We furthermore provide you with the opportunity to choose from reputable 5 + star hotels when you plan your stay in Germany. These first-class houses offer you excellently equipped suites and professional staff to ensure you an unforgettable pleasant stay. Of course, we process all the formalities for you, so you must not tolerate any waiting periods.

We organise your stay in every detail and guarantee a prefential treatment, conforming the special needs and expectation of our Arab guests. Of course as well a translator will be available for you in order to pass on all informations you need.

Hotel key and reception bell

Renowned 5+ star hotels with perfect service

The suites and rooms of your preferred hotels will meet the highest expectations, but also the culinary experiences will certainly convince and satisfy you. We cooperate with renowned houses, where also the premium kitchen service knows how to conform to the special needs of our guests from the Arab world and realize every wish. You can both rely on suitable culinary delights at nighttime during Ramadan and to comply with the preparation requirements for your meals and beverages.

Just let us know your requirements, such as the avoidance of specific foods due to medical reasons or your preferred dishes and we will organize the perfect realization. In case you need extra rooms in your hotel for meetings, conferences or special technical equipment, please let us know in advance. Furthermore our service incudes the arrangement of all details for receptions, so you can completely rely on us in all matters.

The hotels we reserve for you offer

  1. a perfect all-inclusive service
  2. the preferred treatment as VIP
  3. optimally equipped in the house
  4. the desired location
  5. exclusive and suited to your needs meals and drinks
  6. perfectly equipped rooms for receptions, meetings or conferences