Professional Services

Comfort, security & discretion

for your stay in Germany

I.Your wishes are our instructions – as a professional service provider for guests from Arab countries, we provide you with all services to ensure a trouble-free and comfortable stay in Germany. Whether you might visit our country in order to attend business meetings, explore our sights, beautiful landscapes or cities, enjoy relaxed days or want to visit the doctor of your choice- simply inform us about your individual requirements and our Team from SIS Group GmbH will extensively organize and prepare every detail professionally and with the greatest care.

Our services

  • Luxury Cars


    passenger carriage befitting your social status

    luxury car

  • treatment by chief physicians


    among the best in their field

    reception - waiting room

  • Exclusive


    adequate accommodation


Exclusive shuttle service and comfortable accomodation


II.As soon as you will arrive in Germany, luxurious limousines of your preferrence and our reliable chauffeur service will be waiting to pick you up and transport you rightaway to your booked accomodation or your appointments.

As you wish we either reserve for your stay an exclusive villa, a generously sized apartment or a comfortable 5+ star hotel, which will meet your individual requirements and expectations. We ensure you that we not only take into account the special time of Ramadan, but also provide you with an appropiate, exlusive selection of food and beverages and furthermore place great value on an adequate and suitable treatment. Please inform us prior to your stay and we as all-inclusive service provider will organize and realize a first-class program.

Vehicles as required with or without chauffeur

III.We include in our service to second to our customers a contact person, who of course speaks your language and takes care of all organisational questions and warrants a smoth realization of your programme. Select from our line-up of limousines, vans, busses, with which we provide you during either your complete stay oder according to your needs, abroad.

Of course a professional, attentive and reliable chauffeur will drive you safely and comfortable to your destinations. In case you would like to enjoy the speed of a premium sports car, just let us know. We organize a route with no speeding limits so you can maximize the enjoyment of the experience. Our staff is trained and carefully prepared to satisfy all wishes of our Arab guests and make sure that you can relax and enjoy your rides.

Medical excellence und sightseeing

couch IV.If you are planning to visit a physician or clinic of your choice during your stay in Germany, we will organize the appointments you prefer either for consultation, treatment or convalescence treatment. Of course we make sure that you have the opportunity to consult the selected specialist in a pleasant environment and benefit from the modern medical equipment.

Without a question we will take into account and respect the rules and wishes of our Arab guests. Furthermore we can provide you with a wonderful relaxing wellness program so you and your family can retain fond memories of Germany and our team. Trips to famous sights and beautiful landscapes, as well as special events, tickets for performances at the opera, musicals, a soccer game or exhibition – we will take care of everything.

Professional meetings and diverse trips

V.Of course you can trust us with the organisation of your business meetings. We will provide you with a suitable and appealing setting, technical equipment and ambience that you require for your conversations. If you wish that we as well take care of and comfort your interlocutor, we will certanly do so.

In case your family is going to join as our guests as well, we would be pleased to provide you with a program, which will introduce you even more to our western culture, wonderful landscapes and sights. We invite you to enjoy and exploit the manifold potentialities and opportunities – because your satisfaction is our success.

  • SIS Group GmbH

    Your full-service provider

    • Shuttle Service
      We offer individual, comfortable and reliable shuttle service to ensure your complete satisfaction

    • Professioneller Chauffeur Service
      luxurious vehicles for every situtaion

    • Beratung & Begleitung: Medizinischer Service
      organisation of medical excellence for your health, beauty & comfort

    • Exclusive Lodging
      luxurious accommodation in exclusive mansions, generously sized apartments or renowned hotels

    • Concierge Service
      comprehensive, reliable, professional and longstanding expertise with our Arab guests

    • Events & Trips
      organisation and planning trips, tours or vacation in Germany and across whole Europe
  • SIS Group GmbH

    Your full-service provider